Why Does Glow Tape Glow? Here Is The Answer!

Did You Ever Wonder How Glow Tape Glows?  Here’s The Answer!

Glow tape uses a non-radioactive chemical light source called SPOT-LITE glow film. This film is incorporated into a flexible vinyl film that is laminated to an adhesive backing.

The chemical light source in Glow Tape is designed to absorb energy from ambient light sources. These sources can include sunlight, incandescent lamps, and fluorescent lights.

After the ambient light source is removed, the SPOT-LITE film begins to emit light of its own generation.

No more than 10 seconds of exposure to light is required to begin this chemical reaction, and there is no limit to how many times the tape can be recharged.

80-85 percent of this glowing light is depleted in the first half hour of exposure, but the human eye’s ability to adjust to brightness means that a perceived glow from the tape may continue for as long as 8 hours. This, of course, requires that the user’s sight has been completely “dark adapted”.

Glow tape is great for marking danger areas, finding tools in the dark, and assuring that tools can be found in low-light environments.

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