How To Pick The Right Gaffers Tape

Here’s How To Pick The Right Gaffers Tape

We sell three different kinds of gaffers tape, and it can be complicated sometimes making the right choice.

Shurtape A&E 665 (formerly Permacel 665) is the best known utility grade gaffers tape.  It uses a synthetic rubber adhesive laminated to a cotton cloth backing to make a strong, waterproof seal.

Shurtape A&E 665 is the first choice among brand-sensitive technicians for securing cables, masking backgrounds, and making repairs. It has a matte finish which doesn’t reflect light and an adhesive which removes cleanly with minimum residue.

We offer this product in three colors and four widths.

Pro Gaffer has specifications essentially identical to Shurtape A&E 665 and will perform comparably in all applications. It’s a great choice for any tape buyer who is not brand-sensitive and would like to save a little money.

Best of all, Pro Gaffer is available in 19 colors. That makes it easy to match your carpet color when taping down cables or to do color matching when making a repair. We stock Pro Gaffer in 1/2, 1, 2, and 3 inch widths in all colors and also offer black, white and grey in 4 inch widths. Pro Gaffer is your best gaffers tape value.

Remember, both Pro Gaffer and Shurtape A&E 665 are a full 12 mils thick and use a high quality, synthetic rubber adhesive. Don’t be fooled by less expensive products that use acrylic adhesives and may be as thin as 9 mils.

Shurtape A&E Professional Grade Gaffers Tape (formerly Permacel Professional Grade/672) is a very different product. It’s higher cost is primarily because of an adhesive that is formulated to work in extreme temperature environments. This tape is the first choice for stage and film technicians who must attach tape to hot lighting instruments and anyone who needs tape to work well in very low temperatures. It’s a great product for taping down cable, and many of our customers use it for that. However, the Pro Gaffer or Shurtape A&E 665 will work just as well in most applications while achieving a significant cost savings.

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