Make A Duct Tape Wallet

Got More Time Than Money?  Make A Duct Tape Wallet.

Duct tape has become a favorite item of crafters, and one of the most popular items to make from this versatile product is a wallet. You can get duct tape in several widths and colors, and its strength and adhesive make it great for making fashion accessories.

Here are some of our favorite links to sites that explain how to make a duct tape wallet:

wikipedia – Is there anything you can’t find on wikipedia?

boingboing – The “Directory of Wonderful Things” shows how it’s done.

43things – Lots of interesting user comments here.

everything2 – Add stickers to personalize your wallet.

lifehacker – Worried about privacy? Try this model.

seanm – This site includes a pattern.

db clay – Use gaffers tape for the ultimate wallet.

Ready to get started? Get your Duct Tape supplies!

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