Gaffers Tape Shootout

While CoolTools presents five different brands of gaffers tape, what they fail to acknowledge is that there are lots more brands of gaffers than there are actually manufacturers who make the stuff.

There is a new video from on gaffers tape and it has some interesting insights.

Private branding is a common practice by tape manufacturers and converters and creating your own brand is simply a matter of getting a custom printed hub and finding a converter that will put their tape on your hub.

Voila! New gaffers tape!

If you watch the entire CT video, you will see that they really like the Gaffer Power gaffers tape. What they fail to tell you is that Gaffer Power is made by Pro Tapes and Specialties, the company that makes the well known national brand ProGaff.

You can get the real thing-ProGaff-by clicking here and bypass the private branding and Amazon markups.

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