How Gaffers Tape Is Sized

How Gaffers Tape Is Sized

In order to address the ongoing increase in the raw materials used to manufacture gaffers tape, Pro Tapes and Specialties made the decision in June of 2011 to downsize the length of a standard size roll of gaffers tape from 60 yards to 55 yards, while maintaining the current pricing. Effective July 1, 2011, we have begun shipping these 55 yard rolls in place of the 60 yard rolls that we have provided to our customers for many years.

We were not wholly in favor of this downsizing, but feel that the increase in cotton prices (up almost 100% in the last year) and petroleum-based derivatives used in tape adhesives makes some change in pricing structure inevitable.

During the coming month you may find that you receive orders that are a mix of 55 yard and 60 yard rolls. As our 60 yard stock is depleted, they will not be replaced.

On the positive side, you will realize a small savings in shipping costs and the actual price per roll will not be increased.

If you have concerns about this sizing change or questions related to how the change is being implemented, please contact us.

If you are interested in tracking the cost of raw materials that impact tape pricing, please click here.

Please note: This sizing change impacts Pro Gaffer in standard colors and Shurtape 665. Pro Gaffer in neon colors and Shurtape Professional Grade roll sizes will not be changed.

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