Gaffers Tape-What Matters To The Pros

Most people have never even heard of gaffers tape. Their first reaction usually is “you paid HOW MUCH for that duct tape?”

It’s existence is not a secret, but actually knowing what it is and what to do with it is pretty much for hands on production pros.

Here is what matters to them:

Gaffers tape has a high quality adhesive that doesn’t leave residue on cables, stages or carpet.

Gaffers tape is strong- It is made from woven cotton cloth.

Gaffers tape is hand tearable. The tight fabric weave means that it tears straight and does not require any cutting tools.

Gaffers tape has a matte finish which doesn’t reflect light. This makes it great for repairs and for covering anything you don’t want the audience or the camera to see.

Gaffers tape comes in lots of colors-Great for matching carpet and other surfaces.

Gaffers tape can be written on. It makes great temporary labels.

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