Don’t Just “Rip It Up”

It can be tempting, when you have a lot of cables to coil up after an event, to simply rip the cable up through the tape, coil it and then go back and remove the tape from the floor.

Big mistake!

Pulling a cable up by ripping through the tape will cause the adhesive on the tape to bond directly to the cable jacket, and you’ll have a sticky mess.

It does not seem like pulling the cable through the tape would apply enough force or friction heat to change how the tape adhesive reacts, but it does.

Not only does the adhesive bond itself to the tape, it becomes even stickier than it is when you first use the tape.

It actually takes less time to remove the tape this way and if you hold the tape correctly, you can do it without getting down on your knees.

Click here for a simple video showing the best way to remove tape from the floor.

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