Manufacturer vs. Converter

There is a lot of confusion in discussions about tape between “who is the manufacturer” and “who is the converter”? In order to udnerstand the difference, youneed to understand the basics of this very unconventional industry.

While both manufacturers and converters might say that they “make tape”, the actual making of the product is done by the manufacturer and there are a lot fewer of them than there are manufacturers

Making tape is a real “heavy duty” industrial process, involving chemicals, heat, pressure and lots of energy intensive work.

Conversion also uses sophisticated machinery, but with a much narrower focus.

Most tape products is made in wide rolls, not unlike rolls of carpet in appearance. That is done by the manufacturers.

Converters essentially take big rolls of tape and make them into smaller rolls of tape. That sounds simplistic, but that is what is at the core of their business.

The converters also package the tape for resale (shrink wrap, boxes, etc.) and the converter is normally whoh then supplies tape to distributors. \

In manufacturing, the making of carton sealing tape and the making of gaffers tape are very different, but when it gets to the converter, there are lots of similarities in process, regardless of what kind of tape it is.

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