Chroma Tape

Chroma Green Gaffers Tape

The latest gaffers tape color from Pro Tapes & Specialties is Chroma Green.

Chroma green is the color that is used in television to place items and people in places where they really are not.

The best known example of this is when a tv weatherman appears to be standing directly in front of a weather map. In truth, the tv personality is standing in front of a chroma green backdrop and the map you see is not a physical item-it is generated electronically. The chroma green backdrop lets the weather person appear to be standing in front of the map.

Chroma green gaffers tape can be used to mask additional items that you want to have appear out of the camera shot. This is called “chroma keying”.

Chroma green gaffers tape can also be used for repairing the chroma backdrop or adhering it to the wall or the floor.

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