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Gaffers Tape including Permacel Pro Gaff and more
Gaffers Tape
Colored Gaffers Tape
Colored Gaffers Tape
safety tape caution tapes and glow tapes
Safety Tape
Nashua Duct Tape in many colors
Duct Tape
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Cloth Tape
dance floor tape and gym floor tape
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adhesive removers
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Tie Line Glazed and Un glazed
Tie Line
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Vinyl Tapes & Electrical Tape
Sharpies, floor applicators tape guns and more.
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Spike Tape
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What's the difference in glazed and unglazed tie line?

Glazed tie line has a waxy coating that makes it easier to untie knots. Use the unglazed line if you want the knot to stay tight. is your online source for production supplies like gaffers tape, batteries, mic stands and more.

We have been the supplier of top quality gaffers tape from manufacturers like Shurtape and Pro Tapes & Specialties since 1986.

Nationally known Broadway tours, video and film makers and special event producers know that is the place when gaffers tape is what you need!

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We offer 3 excellent brands of gaffers tape including Permacel 665 Permacel Pro grade and Pro Gaffer

You can count on for your Gaffers Tape and other Tape needs.

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